Hi there! My name is Holly, and I’m fashion-obsessed young blonde currently (just trying to get by while I regularly blow half my paycheck on a new handbag and an absurd amount of takeout) living it up in New York. I’m a self-taught beauty maven, with an appreciation for quick and SIMPLE tricks to looking and feeling like a million bucks on a budget. I’m also a wannabe globetrotter, and I share all of my travels both on this site and my Youtube channel.

For those of ya who are wondering how I stumbled into this whole shebang, I started The Blonde Chiffon in during my freshman year at college, not really thinking anyone would read it besides my mom and my super supportive boyfriend Richard.

Richard also contributes to The Blonde Chiffon, and you can find more from him here: 

All this being said, I can’t believe how many opportunities sharing (and sometimes oversharing) online has afforded me since I started posting in 2014. I’ve been able to collaborate with countless of my favorite brands to share new and innovative products with my readers that I truly adore and actually use. Some of those brands include St. Ives, Starbucks, Hawaiian Tropic, e.l.f. Cosmetics, and more.

If you’re a brand and you’re interested in partnering with The Blonde Chiffon, please see here.

Anywho, a bit more about me…some of the things that I love include bright, colorful photography, glitter, flash sales, literature, and the occasional kombucha or cold brew. I love to watch Netflix in my free time (and honestly, I don’t think we can be friends if you don’t too), and some of my favorite shows include Vampire Diaries (#basic, I know), Reign, Blacklist, and like a bazillion others that I actually outlined in a post right here…because I’m that obsessed.

I’ve also been a competitive horseback rider since I was seven years old, and I currently own my own steed, named Ted (yes, his name is kind of tragic, but he came with it and it stuck). So, don’t be surprised to see lots of four legged friends gracing my Instagram and Snapchat often, since I’m also a proud doggy mama to a Great Dane (Rex), Lab/Pitt mix (Brooke), and most recently, a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix, Pixie.

Thank you SO much for your support, and I encourage you to follow along on Instagram and Snap for the latest, real-time updates. And finally, if you have any questions for me at all, please don’t hesitate to mosey on over to my contact page and jot me a note. I LOVE hearing from ya’ll!



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