Favorite Fall Sunnies That Won't Break the Bank

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NYFW may have come and gone, but the trends that emerge from the world's most elite fashion bloggers and celebrities every year of course still live on. While I almost always envy the majority of these fashion queens' ensembles, I've dialed in on sunglasses this fall. 

There's something about a good pair of sunnies that can totally transform and upgrade an outfit. They can take blah/average look to total fashion killer in just a hot sec. But the only thing I don't love? The high price tag that's typically associated with unique and trendy frames. Anybody can buy a pair of oversized Kim K superstar sunglasses from the nearest drugstore, but what fun is that? And the alternative of splurging on a pair of drool-worthy, fashion-blogger-approved sunnies is also pretty grim because ...#brokecollegegirlprobz. 

Do you guys know what I love though? A good dupe; A buy this not that. So naturally, that's what I'm doing with sunglasses this fall. And did I mention there's even a website that does all of the grunt work for you? 

Getting a pair of perfectly priced and authentic eyewear for every budget is as simple as heading to FlashFrames.com, uploading a photo from your social channels, a magazine, or other inspiration to the website, picking the pair of sunglasses you want from a wide selection of similar styles that the system comes up with, and finally buying the frames. 

It's so easy and I love it because, anytime that I'm perusing social media or fashion blogs and find a pair of sunglasses I like, I can upload the picture and almost instantly see a listing of budget friendly similar styles. 

It's kind of futuristic, isn't it? I'm obsessed. 

So basically guys, you never have to pay an absurd amount of money for some high fashion sunglasses again. Don't you love when I spill my shopping secrets? 

Let me know what you think of these frames in the comments! Also, what's your fall fashion obsession? 

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This is What I Eat in a Week: Food Diary Part One

If you follow along on Insta, you know that I love posting pics of what I'm eating. I've become quite the chef since I moved into my own apartment last year, and one of my favorite parts of cooking is sharing the food that I enjoy with others. If you guys read this post on staying healthy in college, you also know that I'm turning over a new leaf this year and really putting health at the top of my list of priorities. Because the greatest wealth is health, right? 

One of the things that I'm doing to try to live a healthier lifestyle is planning, and sometimes even cooking, meals ahead of time. I've also been keeping track of what I'm eating and the nutritional value of the foods that I choose. This has totally changed my relationship with food and really helped me to cut out boredom snacking.

Since I've been at the #cleaneating game for a few months now [ including ups and downs and cheat meals though, of course ;) ], I thought it would be fun to share my weekly eating habits with all of you beauties. After all, it's a great way to share recipe ideas AND stay accountable. 

I hope you all enjoy this new series, and please feel free to share any of your own healthy recipes and/or meal planning ideas below! I love to chat about this stuff. 


Breakfast - Homemade granola bar

Lunch - Caprese avocado toast

Dinner - Coconut rice and curry sauce

Snacks - Homemade strawberry froyo, pretzels & hummus


Breakfast - Homemade granola bar

Lunch - Caesar salad

Dinner - Butternut squash soup

Snacks - Carrots/cucumbers & hummus, popcorn 


Breakfast - Homemade granola bar

Lunch - Coconut rice and curry sauce

Dinner - Cheeseburger, fries & a chocolate milkshake from Five Guys (YUP. That happened.) 


Breakfast - Homemade granola bar

Lunch - Caprese avocado toast

Dinner - Spiralized zucchini sauteed with eggplant, tomatoes & garlic (w/ a tbsp. of olive oil) and an ounce or two of goat cheese

Snacks - Popcorn, grapes 


Breakfast - Apple w/ cashew butter

Lunch - Coleslaw salad

Dinner - Caprese flatbread and steak fries (kinda dropped the ball Friday night, since we went out to dinner! However, I'm an absolute believer in treating yo' self now and then [as shown below w/ the Five Guys milkshakes from a few nights ago...])


Breakfast - Nada! I didn't wake up until 11:30...

Lunch - Leftover caprese flatbread

Dinner - Acorn squash w/ a dab of butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar


Breakfast - Homemade granola bar

Lunch - 1 cup of French onion soup & a tomato mozzarella flatbread from Panera

Dinner - One pan autumn chicken dinner


Sooooo this week definitely had its ups and downs. I grew up going out to dinner often, so this is a habit that is difficult to break now. I was happy to go out for a nice, sit-down meal downtown on Friday night and had no problem splurging a little bit on the steak fries. However, Five Guys? WTF. I definitely had a moment of weakness midweek. Though I really don't eat that kind of food often, I want to try to limit going out for food only to weekends and special occasions in the future. Most of the food I cook at home is much healthier than what I'd get going out, so hopefully that will help me to stay on track. 

So tell me, do you keep track of what you're eating, or nah? What are your thoughts on writing a food journal or using an app like MyFitnessPal? Spill it all! 

15 Fall Recipes You Need to Try This Weekend

Can I be honest? One of my favorite things about fall is...

The food. 

Shocker, I know. 

There really is nothing like a hot slice of apple pie & vanilla ice cream on a cold fall day though, is there? And don't even get me started on Thanksgiving. Nobody ever says it's their favorite holiday, but we all enjoy it when it comes around as if it were. 

So, in the spirit of fall (it officially began yesterday, FYI), I've rounded up 15 kicka** autumn-inspired recipes that I'm dying to make this weekend. Of course I won't get around to all of them, but the season's just begun ya know? I'll surely be chipping away at this list for the next few months, to the insane pleasure of all of my roommates and Richard (because not all of these recipes are super healthy, I'll definitely be sharing.) 

The first items on my list for this weekend are the slow cooker buffalo chicken sweet potatoes, the creamy butternut squash alfredo, and the baked apples. I might even throw in a pumpkin milkshake. That recipe was actually one of my very first posts on TBC, so it's a real oldie but goodie. 

Anyways, I'd love to know which recipes YOU want to try out of this bunch. Drop a comment below with your top faves so I can see. I know there's got to be at least one; I was literally salivating coming up with this list. 

Have a lovely Friday and, as always, thank you so much for reading. I truly appreciate every one of you who takes the time stop by. 




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Fall Finds Under $50

It's been a hot second since we last chatted, hasn't it? There's been lots of schtuff going on over at TBC, both blog related and not, and I've been going nonstop for about 12 hours a day between classes, meetings, blog related work, and an internship. 


Being busy is overrated, right? I just want to create new content to share with you gems, get through this new addition to my bookshelf, and binge watch Vampire Diaries. Is that too much to ask for?

However, there's a few really exciting collabs coming up later this month that I truly cannot wait to share! I'm also trying to be more active on Insta when I'm not writing here, so definitely check that out if you're looking for a healthy dose of inspirational quotes and pretty pictures between posts. 

Also, what do you guys think of these fall finds? I'm obsessed with all of them and am totally trying to persuade someone (wink, wink Richard) to "surprise" me with some of the items from this list for our four year in November ;) 

Drop links below to any other fall items you're lusting after so I can check 'em out, and keep an eye out for some fun new collabs coming at ya in the next few weeks!

How to Use Honey to Eliminate Acne

If you've read any of these posts, you guys know just how obsessed I've become with natural beauty. I absolutely adore at-home remedies and treatments, and not just because they're cheap AF. I've also found that they can be super effective...even more so than some leading brands laden with chemicals and other mysterious ingredients no one can pronounce.

Though I love sharing easy and luxurious DIYs like my all-time favorite French Vanilla Coffee Body Scrub, let's get back to the basics for a hot second here. Almost all of my natural beauty concoctions contain one common, godly ingredient.


My sincerest condolences go out to any and all of my vegan friends who abstain from this magical elixir, because it is literally a skincare godsend. I use it as a secondary face wash daily and have even gotten Richard semi-hooked. It works. And if you don't believe me, just read accounts of other beauty editors here & here, who have also experimented with honey as a facial cleanser. It's one of those beauty trends that's actually worth obsessing over. And not only is this beauty phenomenon all-natural, but it's also an antibacterial, meaning that it's perfect for treating acne. 

Here's a few options to try at home: 

P.S. Opt for organic, raw honey to reap the full benefits of this natural beauty routine. I've used cheap clover honey when necessary, but it doesn't contain the same ingredients as the raw bee versions, which are known be more effective!

honey as a face wash

Honey contains antibacterial compounds that are perfect for cleansing and reducing inflammation. Both Richard and I have noticed major improvements in our skin by either swapping out our regular face washes for a honey wash twice daily, or by complementing our routines with a honey wash follow up. Since I get sent lots of product samples, I usually find that option two works best for me. I go through my skincare routine as normal, and follow up any cleansing activities with a quick honey face wash. Bada bing, bada boom. 

TIP: If you're replacing all of your facial cleansers with honey and need a bit of extra exfoliation, try using a konjac sponge. You can apply the honey directly to the sponge and wash normally for a more texturized cleanse!

honey face mask

Since honey is such a potent, yet gentle cleanser, it's never a bad idea to soak up the gooey goodness even longer by doing a honey mask/facial. All you need to do is coat your face with honey and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. It's sticky, but absolutely worth it if you're serious about treating acne. 

honey spot treatment

Most spot treatments are loaded with chemicals, so honey is a great all-natural and effective alternative. All you need to do is dab some of the goo onto any problem areas and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. It's similar to doing a honey face mask, but it doesn't require getting your whole face sticky with honey!

other ideas

So, would you try honey as a face wash? What about as a mask or spot treatment? Any other ideas? I'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

Also, if you found this post helpful, I'd love it if you shared it with others :) I'm experimenting with leaving the Pinterest image below, so feel free to add it to any of your boards! Just hover the middle of the picture, and a widget will pop up with an option to share the image via Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.